The Oven Mountain Pumped Storage development project, located in the NSW mid north region, offers zero emissions support of the National Electricity Market (NEM).  Through its unique combination of size, beneficial natural attributes and proximity to the 330kV NEM backbone within the largest load region in the NEM, the project will be able to provide rapid network stabilisation, black start capacity, ancillary services at scale.  With the Federal Government’s legislated 20% Renewable Energy Target, the fast acting capability of the  circa 600MW project provides a strong compliment to variable sources such as renewable wind and solar generation.  Coupling this with zero fuel costs, the project provides an efficient method for hedging against rising thermal generation costs.

The project is designed to generate for up to 6 hours continuously at rated capacity and at over 600m of elevation difference between its two reservoirs, it ensures high efficiency of pumped water volumes while minimising reservoir sizes.  At its simplest, the operating principal is to pump water up hill at low energy prices and generate electricity when prices are higher.